The new collaborative dairy RD&E program for NSW.

Unlocking the potential of milk, cow and water to increase productivity and profitability,
de-risk the dairy industry and develop new markets.

Growing Beef from Dairy field day

The Growing Beef from Dairy Field Day will help dairy and beef producers explore and consider market options for their surplus calves. 

Managing cows in wet conditions

With summer in full swing, it’s the time of the year when floods can be unpredictable and destructive. Dairy Australia has resources to help dairy farmers prepare for and recover from floods and what to avoid.

Raising the roof, Hunter Valley

Dairy Australia’s Raising the Roof 3-day event comes to the Hunter Valley 27-29 February 2024.

P5 Our Farm Our Plan

Our Farm, Our Plan offers activities to help dairy farmers set long term goals, improve business performance, and manage risk by developing a strategic plan including business and personal goals.

P1d Carbon on NSW dairy farms

The Dairy UP team is working with the NSW Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) to identify and evaluate options towards carbon neutral dairy production.

Dairy beef

The Growing Beef from Dairy project is a follow-on project from Dairy UP’s P10 Sustainable Pathways for non-replacement calves.


Helping farmers increase
productivity and profitability

De-risking the dairy industry

Developing new markets


3 theme areas
10 projects
5 years
A coordinated network of monitored dairy farms


The Dairy Research Foundation (DRF)
The Program Coordination Group (PCG)
The individual Project Teams (PT)
The Steering & Advisory Board (SAB)


Project releases and updates


Dairy Research Foundation
Dairy UP is located at the Centre for Carbon, Water and Food (CCWF) on Camden Campus, Faculty of Science,
The University of Sydney.

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