Project Reports

Dairy UP currently has 22 active projects. Project reports, journal articles and conference papers will be added to the list below as they become available.

Journal ArticleP2Milk as diagnostic fluid for udder health managementThere is a growing array of diagnostic assays that can be used to detect markers of inflammation or infection in milk. The value of some of these methods in on-farm udder health improvement programs is yet to be demonstrated whilst methods with proven value may be underutilised
Journal ArticleP2Milk as a diagnostic fluid to monitor viral diseases in dairy cattleThere are examples of tests on BTM samples providing efficient assessments of the herd disease status and supporting disease control programmes for viral diseases. However, challenges arise in pooled milk testing due to the need for accurate estimates of the imperfect sensitivity and specificity of the assays.
Journal ArticleP2Milk as an indicator of dietary imbalanceThere appears to be increasing potential for the use of milk as a diagnostic fluid as more in-parlour tests become available for individual cows. However, the BTM appears to have under-utilised potential for herd monitoring.
Journal ArticleP2Unlocking the potential of the cowHolstein dairy cows lose body condition score and gain body weight with increasing parity in both pasture-based and total mixed ration herds, Journal of Dairy Science Communications.
Journal ArticleP2 Unlocking the potential of the cowAssociations of parity with health disorders and blood metabolite concentrations in Holstein cows in different production systems, Journal of Dairy Science 105.
Journal ArticleP2Unlocking the potential of the cowIncreased parity is negatively associated with survival and reproduction in different production systems, Journal of Dairy Science.
Conference PaperP3Economics of intensificationEconomics of Total Mixed Ration Systems in Australia, Proceedings of the Australasian Dary

Science Symposium 2022, p67-7
ReportP3Economics of intensificationIntensification of dairy systems: project summary
Conference PaperP4 Intensive SystemsField and in-silico analysis of harvest index variability in maize silage