Why Dairy UP?

  • To help farmers increase productivity and profitability
  • To de-risk the dairy industry
  • To develop new markets

Helping farmers increase productivity and profitability

  • To unlock the true potential of NSW’s pasture-based and intensive dairy systems and feedbase diversity as key competitive advantages to produce animal products cost effectively.
  • New tools, technologies and management approaches tailored to systems.
  • Exploring the potential of NSW dairy farms to control costs and exploit the competitive advantages of the different dairy regions.
  • Farmers access new tools (e.g. Dairy Farmers’ Capability & Extension; P8) to train and retain good employees.
  • Altogether, profitable dairy business increase job opportunities and economic activity and contribute to the vibrant development of regional NSW.

De-risking the dairy industry

  • New tools (e.g. disease prevention models; product quality outbreak predictions; climate impact on Feedbase; economic modelling) allow individual dairy businesses in NSW to be better prepared to address future challenges (drought, bushfires, floods, pricing).
  • Farmers access new tools to properly evaluate the impact of intensification (economic, environmental and animal levels).
  • A forward-looking dairy industry creates more jobs and opportunities for future investment and growth. Profitable farms can attract, retain, and upskill labour.
  • More people willing to work in farming, living in regions, are attracted by more technology and intensification; turnover of
    workers is reduced; increased community trust in dairy.

Developing new markets

  • The current deficit of ~200 million in milk production for NSW and QLD can be produced efficiently and locally by providing tailored-to-needs, R, D&E.
  • A greater economic contribution of the NSW dairy industry through increased employment, investment, production and value-adding (new markets).
  • Long-term food security and wealth creation for NSW.
  • Developing value-add dairy products and market expansion opportunities (e.g. healthy milk, from healthy cows in healthy systems; different milks; dairy beef) to be exported from the Western Sydney Agribusiness precinct.
  • Improved long-term food security of NSW: NSW is less reliant on external factors to source one of the most important components of the human diet. New product and new markets increase the opportunities for farmers and consumers to diversify.