A brief introduction to Dairy UP

What is Dairy UP?

Dairy UP is a $16 million, five-year industry driven project with a portfolio of 10 research, development and adoption projects collectively aiming to realise three primary objectives:

  • Increase Productivity and Profitability by unlocking the potential of milk, the cow and water,
  • De-risking the industry and
  • Developing new markets.

A key part of Dairy UP is a coordinated network of partner farms across New South Wales (and beyond) providing valuable insights into real world application of new practices, including the challenges and benefits of new innovative technologies.

Dairy UP makes a big contribution to dairy research and development rejuvenation, (attracting new researchers, PhD students and Industry investment).

Who is Dairy UP?

Dairy UP is a collaborative program led by the University of Sydney’s Dairy Research Foundation, and delivered through the New South Wales Department of Primary Industry, Scibus, Dairy Australia, and the University of Sydney.

DairyUP is funded through the NSW Government’s Bushfire Industry Package – Sector Development Grant (BIP-SDG) program, with cash and in-kind contributions from the Delivery and Partner organisations below.

“Never before has the dairy industry in New South Wales had such a broad array of work and new human resources coordinated under the one umbrella to provide the industry with the knowledge, tools and resources to adapt for the future.”
Prof. Sergio Garcia (Program Leader)