Who is Dairy UP?

  • The Dairy Research Foundation (DRF; Lead & Administering Organisation)
  • The Program Coordination Group (PCG; Key Delivery Organisations)
  • The individual Project Teams (PT; Cross-Organisations)
  • The Steering & Advisory Board (SAB; Stakeholders – Participant Organisations)

Dairy UP is a collaborative program led by The University of Sydney’s Dairy Research Foundation (DRF), which is also the Lead & Administering Organisation responsible for managing the funds. The DRF is also one of key Delivery Organisations, alongside Scibus, NSW DPI and Dairy Australia.

The Program Coordination Group (PCG) has and executive role and the responsibility of delivering the program and managing the budget.

The projects are delivered by individual Project Teams (PT).

The Steering & Advisory Board (SAB) oversees the whole program and provides support to PCG and PT’s (Figure 1).

Steering and Advisory Board (SAB)

The SAB has representatives from all stakeholders, overseeing, endorsing, providing support and linking with industry. Current members are:

Hon. Niall BlairDairy UPSAB's Chair
Sergio C Garcia (Yani)University of Sydney – Dairy Research FoundationDirector DRF - Dairy UP Program Leader
John PenryDairy AustraliaManager, Technical and Innovation
Ian LeanScibusManaging Director
Rose PhilipzenAustralian Fresh Milk Holding Ltd

Leppington Pastoral Co. Ltd
Head of Livestock and Genetics
Shaughn MorganeaAUSmilkFormer Co-CEO
James NealDairy NSW
Chair; Dairy Farmer, Taree
Peter BealeHunter Local Land ServicesSenior Land Services Officer, Agronomy
Mark CallowNorco Co-operative LimitedMilk Supply Manager
Jim RothwellNSW DPI (Biosecurity & Food Safety)Director, Elizabeth Macarthur Agricultural Institute
Ken GarnerDPI NSWLeader Dairy
Alex RussellNSW DPI (Agriculture)Director Intensive Livestock Industries

Program Coordination Group (PCG)

The PCG has representatives from the four key delivering agencies, namely the DRF, NSW DPI, Dairy Australia and Scibus. The PCG has the combined roles of planning and development, coordination and reporting. Current members are:

John PenryDairy AustraliaManager, Technical and Innovation
Sergio C Garcia (Yani)University of Sydney – Dairy Research FoundationDirector DRF - Dairy UP Program Leader
Ian LeanScibusManaging Director
Dr Cameron ClarkCameron Clark

University of SydneyAssociate Professor of Livestock Production and Welfare
Barbara Brito RodriguezNSW DPI (Biosecurity & Food Safety)Veterinary Research Officer
Juan GargiuloJuan GarguiloNSW DPIDevelopment Officer Dairy

Former Dairy UP Members

Nicolas Lyons (former PCG member)(formerly) NSW DPI (Agriculture)Formerly: Leader Dairy

Currently: Science Leader, DairyNZ, New Zealand
Ian Zandstra (former SAB member)(formerly) The Dairy Advocate for NSWFormerly: NSW Fresh Milk and Dairy Advocate; Dairy Farmer, Nowra

(Retired from SAB - November 2022)
Phil RyanNSW Farmers' Dairy CommitteeDeputy Chair, Dairy Committee; Dairy Farmer, Bega

SAB & PCG’s Administration support: Kirsty Jaensch, DRF (kirsty.jaensch@sydney.edu.au).

For more information: Contact the Dairy Research Foundation at sergio.garcia@sydney.edu.au or kirsty.jaensch@sydney.edu.au