The collaborative dairy RD&E program for NSW

Unlocking the potential of milk, cow and water to increase productivity and profitability,
de-risk the dairy industry and develop new markets.

Seeking DNA donations

As part of the Dairy UP subprogram P1c, we are conducting a DNA survey of kikuyu pastures across southeastern Australia. The purpose of the study is to the evaluate kikuyu varietal diversity across the landscape.

Dairy UP abroad

The Dairy UP message has spread far and wide, with Dr John Penry and PhD student David Sheedy attending the recent ADFA Discovery Conference on Dairy Cattle Lifespan at Itasca, Illinois.

DATA is king!

Dairy UP’s P6 project, led by A/Prof Cameron Clark from Sydney University (pictured), is exploring ways to use existing farm, climate and industry data to develop ways to monitor cows and systems to help farmers make better decisions, for example about heat management, health and feeding.

Casino road trip

We were delighted with the attendance and discussion at the recent Dairy UP road trip.

Milk as a monitoring tool (P2c)

Bulk tank milk and herd test samples could soon provide a greater and cost-effective insight into dairy herd health.

Welcome Madison

Dairy UP recently welcomed Madison Luke to the team. She is the new research officer for our “Sustainable Partnership” project with NSW EPA.

Quick Reads

Pressed for time? Our summary documents give a quick understanding of the scope of Dairy UP.

Executive Summary

Key Achievements 2023


Helping farmers increase
productivity and profitability

De-risking the dairy industry

Developing new markets


3 theme areas
10 projects
5 years
A coordinated network of monitored dairy farms


The Dairy Research Foundation (DRF)
The Program Coordination Group (PCG)
The individual Project Teams (PT)
The Steering & Advisory Board (SAB)


Project releases and updates


Dairy Research Foundation
Dairy UP is located at the Centre for Carbon, Water and Food (CCWF) on Camden Campus, Faculty of Science,
The University of Sydney.

General Enquiries
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