The new collaborative dairy RD&E program for NSW

Unlocking the potential of milk, cow and water to increase productivity and profitability,
de-risk the dairy industry and develop new markets.

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Dairy UP Introductory video

Dairy UP has produced a short (90 second) introductory video to explain how the various partners and sponsors are working together.
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2022 Symposium – Heads Up!

The Dairy Up Symposium will be held in Forster, NSW on 19-20 July. Save the date!

Dairy UP expands its team

Dairy UP welcomes two PhD candidates. Alice Shirley and Maddi Pearson will work with the Dairy Up group that is developing novel monitoring tools to optimise individual animal management, under the supervision of Cameron Clark at the University of Sydney.

Dairy UP Project P2

New tools for diagnosing causes of scours and respiratory diseases in dairy calves.

This project aims to determine the occurrence and spread of viruses and bacteria in NSW dairy herds. The information will provide a foundation for tools to help farmers and vets monitor and treat diseases such as scours and respiratory disease.

Sheena Carter

Crunching the numbers on farming systems

All dairy farming systems can be profitable if managed well, but preliminary data analysis from NSW’s Dairy UP program suggests there’s more variability in tough seasons for non-grazing systems. That was the message from NSW DPI Development Officer and Dairy Business Advisory Unit leader Sheena Carter, who presented some early farm financial and physical performance information to the Dairy Research Foundation Symposium.


Helping farmers increase
productivity and profitability

De-risking the dairy industry

Developing new markets


3 theme areas
10 projects
5 years
A coordinated network of monitored dairy farms


The Dairy Research Foundation (DRF)
The Program Coordination Group (PCG)
The individual Project Teams (PT)
The Steering & Advisory Board (SAB)


Project releases and updates


Dairy Research Foundation
Dairy UP is located at the Centre for Carbon, Water and Food (CCWF) on Camden Campus, Faculty of Science,
The University of Sydney.

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