P4: Feedbase – Maize for Silage

Dairy UP

Photo: Maize is a proven water and nitrogen efficient crop – a lot more water efficient than perennial pastures in the irrigation region of northern Victoria. A tool to improve management of the crop, could make maize silage a more attractive feed option for all.

Results are flowing in from the on farm monitoring for Dairy UP’s P4 project: Feedbase – maize for silage.

The team has been collecting data from 11 different maize silage sites across NSW using remote sensing and real-time monitoring.

The data is being incorporated into a modelling tool called Agricultural Productions Systems sIMulator (APSIM). Ultimately, the team plans to create a decision support tool that would accurately predict the quality and yield of maize crops for silage and alert when to intervene during the life cycle of the maize crop to improve harvest potential.

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