Postgraduate Research Scholarship in Dairy Science (Designer Milk)

Adding value to milk

Dairy UP has a scholarship for a PhD student to join the Designer Milk project.

The candidate will gain a deep understanding of the nutritional, mechanical, chemical and physical characteristics of milk that have not yet been fully exploited. This novel, multidisciplinary, integrated and innovative research project will unlock the potential in milk by measuring, managing and modifying different attributes of milk to generate new understandings, new products and new markets.

Some of the proposed activities that will be explored include:
Detection models (to provide different value add insights to both farmers and consumers)
Milk attributes / New products (mainly by understanding and manipulating lactose secretion to produce more milk with less water)
Lateral systems thinking (by looking at alternatives pathways or uses for milk that is wasted or not used for human consumption)

Applications open 18 May 2022
Applications close 14 June 2022.
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About Dairy UP
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