P9 – Designer milk

Adding value to milk

Project contact:

Nico Lyons, DPI NSW 


  • University of Sydney
  • Scibus
  • University of California, Davis, USA 

Timeframe: 2021-2026 

The Designer Milk project aims to unlock the potential of milk by exploring attributes of milk that can add value.  
There are three P9 projects, each exploring opportunities to add value to milk from a different angle:

  • P9a: On-farm opportunities to add value to milk components
  • P9b: Enhancing the supply chain between paddock and product
  • P9c: New product or market opportunities (milk products or components that could have alternative uses or markets)

Potential outcomes of this work include:

  • Opportunities for new markets
  • New ‘rapid detection’ models to describe fluid milk in more detail 
  • Precision nutritional strategies tailored to specific milk markets
  • New techniques (genetics, nutrition, management) for new dairy products 


Progress (April 2022):  
P9 as a whole is looking for a part time post-doctoral fellowship to lead and develop P9b and P9c. Also a  new PhD scholarship is being advertised through the University of Sydney (Apr-May).

P9a is already underway, first with the analysis of records from NSW herds to understand distribution, variability, and factors affecting lactose concentration in milk at a herd/region scale. And subsequently with physiological trials on specific herds or individual cows.