Managing cows in wet conditions

Dairy UP

With summer in full swing, it’s the time of the year when floods can be unpredictable and destructive.

Dairy Australia has resources to help dairy farmers prepare for and recover from floods and what to avoid (see photo above). Here are some links to fact sheets you might find handy:

A number of Dairy UP projects are contributing to the industry’s knowledge bank on managing cows in wet conditions. The outcomes will contribute to future industry extension resources. Relevant Dairy UP projects include:

  • P1a: remote-assisted, improved pasture management – accurate allocation of pasture is key to profitability, and paramount when disasters strike and resources are limited. Contact Project lead Dr Martin Correa Luna for more information
  • P1b: Kikuyu toxicity – although causes have not been elucidated yet, rapid growth after heavy rain has been associated with increased risk of toxicity – Dr Krista Plett from NSW DPI (EMAI) can be contacted for more details.
  • P2’s work on compost barns can also be relevant for affected farms with access to barn/infrastructure. Contact project lead Adj Prof Ian Lean from Scibus for more information
  • P5 Our farm Our Plan: although plans will not prevent floods, they can be the most effective tool to minimise adverse impact. Contact project lead Greg Duncan from Dairy Australia for more details.

About Dairy UP
Dairy UP is a collaborative research, development and extension program for the NSW dairy industry. It aims to unlock the potential of pastures, cows, water and milk to increase productivity and profitability, and de-risk the industry  and develop new markets.