EPA ‘sustainable partnership’

Dairy UP

Dairy UP has received a 2023 ‘sustainable partnership’ with EPA NSW. This provides a grant which will allow Dairy UP to expand our work to include assessing carbon emission/balance on some of Dairy UP’s partner farm network with increased level of detail and accuracy compared to current available tools and models.

Several farms ranging from pasture-based to intensive systems will provide the basis for case studies to investigate the room for mitigation of C emission and increased efficiency. The project will look more deeply into opportunities for different dairy farms to increase C sequestration in soils as well the potential for reducing C emissions through nutrition and diet manipulation. Several researchers from Sydney University and Dairy UP are involved as well as the project officer (Madison Luke) and Dairy UP PhD student Mulisa Faji from project P1d (C emissions in pasture-based systems) led by Prof Luciano González.

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About Dairy UP
Dairy UP is a collaborative research, development and extension program for the NSW dairy industry. It aims to unlock the potential of pastures, cows, water and milk to increase productivity and profitability, and de-risk the industry  and develop new markets.