Corstophine farm trials

Dairy UP

A number of Dairy UP projects are now utilising the University of Sydney’s Corstophine farm, offering the opportunity to add controlled trials to our on-farm monitoring network.

Here are some examples:

  • Corstophine Farm has been added to the P1a (Kikuyu) network monitor farms.
  • P2b Longevity: Two groups of cows have been weighed, body condition scored and bloods taken for the longevity studies. These cows will be followed over time to study their health and production.
  • A Smaxtec monitoring system has been installed to monitor core cow body temperature. This will be used for research on heat stress by the P6 DaTA P9 Designer Milk teams.
  • P9 researcher Valeria Messina and PhD Rezaul Rakib have been sampling milk from individual cows to quantify the concentration of HSP70, a potential biomarker for heat stress.

About Dairy UP
Dairy UP is a collaborative research, development and extension program for the NSW dairy industry. It aims to unlock the potential of pastures, cows, water and milk to increase productivity and profitability, and de-risk the industry  and develop new markets.