Rare opportunity for aspiring dairy researchers

Niall Blair

Dairy UP – the $16m project to unlock the potential of the NSW dairy industry – is calling for candidates for nine PhD projects, creating a rare opportunity for aspiring dairy researchers.

Dairy UP program leader, Professor Yani Garcia said the candidates would be supervised by world-leading researchers from the Dairy UP team.

“There’s a range of topics, but the common theme is using innovative technologies to collect close-to-real-time data to better monitor and improve pastures, dairy cattle, crops or the management system.

“The projects use cutting-edge science to explore real-world challenges and deliver solutions that will make a tangible difference on farm,” he said.

Scholarships are available for eligible students with the relevant academic qualifications. The team is keen to get the projects underway quickly so anyone interested should follow up quickly. For more information, visit https://www.dairyup.com.au/phd-opportunities/

About Dairy UP
Dairy UP is a collaborative research, development and extension program for the NSW dairy industry. It aims to unlock the potential of pastures, cows, water and milk to increase productivity and profitability, and de-risk the industry  and develop new markets.