Dairy UP hits the ground running

Yani Garcia

Dairy UP’s 10 projects collectively address on-farm productivity, de-risking the industry and developing new markets.

Dairy Up – the new $16 million research, development and extension program is up and running.

The 5-year program which started in July 2021, is structured around 10 projects which collectively address improving on-farm productivity and profitability, de-risking the industry and developing new markets.

Program leader, Professor Yani Garcia, from the University of Sydney’s Dairy Research Foundation said Dairy Up offered exciting opportunities that had not previously been available.

“A program of this scale is unprecedented in the NSW dairy industry. It gives us a framework for collaboration with numerous industry players, including dairy farmers themselves,” Professor Garcia said.

“We are very excited to have a program that covers the whole innovation process – including research, development and extension.”

Some projects are in the early stages of research, while others are well-developed extension packages, having been developed by Dairy Australia, with Dairy UP funding enabling delivery in NSW.

Dairy UP’s key delivery partners are the University of Sydney’s Dairy Research Foundation, NSW Department of Primary Industries, Dairy Australia and Scibus, in collaboration with numerous industry organisations.

More information: www.dairyup.com.au or email info@dairyup.com.au